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FAQ - Bike Tours and Rent

Questions about guided (e)bike tours and bike rental Bled, Slovenia

There is always something that I could easily forget to show you on my website about guided ebike tours or bike rent.

If you don’t find the right info here or you just prefer to ask than search – do not hesitate and contact me

FAQ Part 1

What we will do on a guided (e)bike tours?

In addition to cycling, we will admire the surroundings, make a longer or shorter stops at the places you would like more (nature/culture/history highlights), find a good place to eat/drink.

If you would like, you will also have the chance to listen to some stories about this unique enviroment in the alps, meet the local people and enjoy the pristine vibes. 

During the ride we can also try some improvments of our bike riding technique and play some fun games with our bikes.

We will not be in a hurry and we will try to enjoy every moment of this adventure. 🙂 

I've never ride the ebike. Can this be a problem?

No. As far as you know how to ride a bike, all the rest is pure fun and joy. I will be happy to give you basic first instructions to ride ebike and enjoy it the most. 

I would rather go on my own. How can you help me?

I can provide you (also deliver) just the (e)-bikes as rental and give you the map of the area and suggestions for the tours that would be the best for you.

We take a look together on the map when you get the bikes. If you use Garmin or similar, I can also provide you the gpx files to follow the routes. 

I would like a bike tour also in other regions of Slovenia. Can you help me?

If possible, I will recommend you the local guides for (e)bike tours in other areas that I trust. Local is always the best. 🙂 

Other option is also that we take our van and do some tours I know really well in other regions. See more on Tour List page.

What if something goes wrong during the tour?

First thing is always my backpack with basic tools, spare parts, first aid, extra water and food.
If this is not solved, we have always a backup option of shuttle just in case. 

Where do we meet for a tour?

I will discuss with you about location by agreement. If possible, we start the tours in front of Ice Hockey hall in Bled: https://goo.gl/maps/iS5ynZVPs9V5Cc3p7 

The bikes can also be easily delivered to your acommodation and we start there or I pick you up at your acommodation. If you are already in this area, then meeting point is in Bled or surroundings.  

What is the biggest group size for guided ebike tour?

The biggest group size is 8 people.
If you are a bigger group, let me know, I can provide extra certified guide to have a safe tour. 

Where is your office, where are you located?

I am located in Bled area, more precisley Lesce.
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/V15aXkm4P58zpuaXA

I do not have the official office – I can deliver the (e-)bikes at the tour starting point or your acommodation in surroundings. 

FAQ Part 2

What about bad weather?

I always carefully check the weather and try to give you some tips about the right clothes and gear for the following tour. 

Of course, if you would decide to cancel, or if the weather is too extreme for your safety, a fully refund or arrangement of new date is possible. 

I don't do sports/cycle. Can I still go on a tour?

Of course! You will have your electric bike to help you out and also the tour can always be adapted up to your wishes and fintess level. 

The tour distance, elevation and time can be adapted to your wishes before or during the ride. 

What should I have on a tour?

Sports wear, bottle(s) of water and some sun cream in summer months is ok to have. 

I provide you the helmet, first aid, service tools,… 

Is it possible to take a tour with our own bikes?

Of course. There will be a discount for the people on the tour with their own bikes. Contact me for more info and offer. 

How far from Bled is possible the pickup and drop off?

The pickup and drop off within 60km range from Bled is included in the price. For longer distances contact me and we can find the options.

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